Bottle Works

Project Name

Bottle Works


Wilmington, NC


Adaptive Reuse

Project Size

76,000 sq/ft

Total Cost


Completion Date



Under Management


The Bottleworks Project is part of a 3 city block redevelopment underway by A|C Hewitt and joint venture partners Thorpe Co and Coast Capital.  The JV, known as Parastream, purchased 21 parcels in October of 2021 in Wilmington's Soda Pop District to develop into a urban mixed use center.

At the center of the project, encompassing an entire city block is the Bottleworks Building.  Formerly A Coca Cola Bottling Facility, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair after being mostly vacant for 15 years.  Through a major redesign and capital improvements project, the building now offers retail, office, manufacturing, and co-warehousing space and is home to 12 local businesses.

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